Are You Ready for Enlightenment?

picture of colorful night sky

The world is coming to an end.

Not a physical end; but a psychological, social and spiritual end.

A new age is coming.

A transformative age that will change the way humans live and interact with each other.

Conspiracy theorists call it the New World Order.

Christian pessimists fear it as the End Times.

In Igbo traditional religion, it is known as Oge Amamihe—the Age of Enlightenment.

Your ticket to this new age is called chi.

Chi is the Igbo word for divine self or guardian spirit.

Your chi helps you actualize your akaraaka–destiny, fate, mission and purpose on Earth.

In the new age, humans will be fully aware of chi and will work with it to create a magical existence.

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  • How to send psychic friend requests in the real world like you do on Facebook.
  • A subconscious technique for reading the minds
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