Powerful Secrets from Igbo Traditional Religion

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Hi, I'm Brian Ewuzie

I’m a practitioner of Odinala, the traditional religion of the Igbos in Nigeria. 

Odinala is one of the oldest and most mysterious religions in the world. 

It can help you:

  • Get closer to the creator of the universe
  • Attract new friends
  • Settle bills and debts even when you’re broke
  • Break away from negative relationships
  • Experience small miracles regularly

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The Basic Principles of Odinala

Odinala is the traditional religion of the Igbo people in southeast Nigeria. There are no sacred texts of Odinala.  Its teachings and beliefs can be found in the rituals, songs, names, proverbs, and customs of Igboland. The most beneficial teaching of Odinala is that every human has a chi, a divine assistant. Igbo traditional religion shrine

Odinala shrine

Ancient Igbos believed that struggle and hardship were signs of a disconnection between an individual and his chi. The more a person co-operates with his chi, the easier life becomes. Each village and community in Igboland practises its own form of Odinala. But the basic principles or beliefs are:
  1. Chukwu kere uwa(God created the universe): Chukwu is the mysterious entity that created the universe. Chukwu’s imagination is so powerful that His thoughts become real, manifesting into a limitless universe. Chukwu is genderless, but may be referred to as ‘He’, ‘She’, or ‘It’.
  1. Mmadu niile nwere chi(Every human has a divine self): A small, invisible portion of Chukwu resides in every person. This portion is called chi. Your chi connects you to Chukwu and helps you solve problems in the spiritual and physical worlds.
  1. Onye kwe chi ya kwe(If you believe, your god will believe): Your chi works according to your faith and belief in it. The more committed you are to having a relationship with your chi, the more it helps you accomplish your goals. You can relate to your chi any way you like. You may view your chi as a master, a servant, a sibling, a partner, or a super-intelligent computer.There are no limits to what your chi can do for you.
  1. Ala wu otu (The Earth is one): Odinala was practiced by the first humans to walk the Earth. It is not exclusive to Igbos. You’ll find different versions of Odinala across the world and will get results from it no matter your background or location. Odinala will work for the corporate executive, the farmer, or the athlete.You’re free to combine Odinala with any other religion, belief system or philosophy. These four principles are the foundation of Odinala.
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