How to Become Superhuman

Imagine Superman staying in a room all day long.

He knows he can fly, punch through walls and lift school buses.

But he does none of those things.

He’s just Clark Kent, a regular journalist.

How to Be Superhuman by Brian Ewuzie

Imagine Wonder Woman avoiding trouble, trying not to cross anyone.

She doesn’t use her golden lasso, Amazon bracelets or superhuman abilities. She works 9 to 5, stays in her lane and does what she’s asked to do.

Imagine every superhero you know ignoring their powers to fight evil, crime and corruption, what kind of world would we live in?

Granted, superheroes aren’t real. They exist only in movies and comic books.

But they inspire us and kindle the hope of a better world where justice always prevails.

Real life won’t be the same without superheroes.

Billions of people around the world suppress their originality, uniqueness and ‘supeheroness’  in order to conform.

They know they can be better.

They know they can do more.

But nothing ever happens. It’s the same old daily grind.

stressed out young man

I was one of those people.

Deep down, I knew I could achieve a lot more in my life.

Despite my efforts to fit into society’s norms and standards, I was plagued by anxiety, frustration, depression and mediocrity.

Many years ago, I had enough of conformity. I decided to explore my unique abilities.

I wrote books.

I learned new skills.

I transformed a failing organization.

I established my own company.

I stopped being sick all the time.

I became wiser.


By tapping my superpowers.

You don’t have to ignore your superpowers any longer. You don’t have to take it any more from a world that doesn’t care much about you.

You can activate your superhuman abilities right now. And I’ll show you how.

Picture of black superhero

1. Be Open Minded

First, you need to have an open mind.

Having an open mind means not being quick to judge or dismiss a person or an idea. Give the person or idea the opportunity to prove itself.

2. Think For Yourself

Thinking can’t be outsourced.

You have to sit down and analyze every thing you’ve been told about how the world works and ask yourself, “Is this really true? Am I missing something?”

If you can’t think for yourself, you can’t tap your superpowers.

3. Be Willing to Explore

You have to be adventurous and willing to go outside your comfort zone.

If you feel uncomfortable about something, that might be a sign that you’re not used to that thing.

It doesn’t mean that the thing won’t work.

4. Be Willing to Act

No matter how many times you desire to change your life, if you don’t act, you will remain a prisoner of circumstances.

You have to be willing to put into action any useful information that might help you in your quest for a better life.

If a course of action has long term benefits and there’s no reasonable excuse to avoid it, you have to steel yourself and do it.

5. Be Willing to Let Go

Sacrifice is part of every journey.

Traveling to Paris means forgoing the opportunity of staying in your hometown and hanging around friends and family members.

You have to be willing to let go of everything and anyone that stands in the way of the full realization of your potential.

6. One More Step…

Download the ebook below and read and implement the instructions in it.

To become superhuman, you don’t need to be born on the planet Krypton, be bitten by a radioactive spider or exposed to gamma radiation. Simply follow the five steps above, then download and read this free ebook; How to Become Superhuman: 15 Powerful Secrets from Africa’s Most Mysterious Religion.

How to Become Superhuman by Brian Ewuzie