Advance Guard Part 2

75 mm artillery gun


The rest of the Advance Guard stared at the dead carrier.

Chadwick could see the fear in their eyes.

West Africans had little appreciation for battle tactics and strategy.

They focused solely on survival.

Any British officer who threatened … Read More

Advance Guard Part 1

Advance Guard is the prologue of my upcoming novel, God’s Keeper

Victorian era British soldier

“This is a day of judgement,” Major Heneker said to the troops in Itu forest.

“Today, manipulation and exploitation will be banished from the Southern Protectorate. Today, impunity and … Read More

Ascent Part 3

mountain in Brian Ewuzie's Ascent


He made it sound like it was the easiest thing to do. Like I could prick myself, drain a few drops of blood into a bowl and hand it to him.

“They need it to rebuild your city,” the … Read More

Ascent Part 2



The giant sauntered toward the city gate. “Come.”

I shook my head. “I’ll stay here.”

He marched into Obodo.

I heard the rumbles of his feet and saw his head bobbing over scorched houses.

I trudged away from the … Read More

Ascent Part 1


Stories are the simplest form of education.

In ancient times, they were used to teach lessons and convey values.

This story developed from my desire to transmit the ideas, beliefs and aspirations of Igbo traditional religion.

It shouldn’t be Read More