Chi: The Most Powerful Friend You’ll Ever Have

Many years ago, I was given an ultimatum by my city’s local government.

They gave me two weeks to pay the property taxes I owed or I would be charged to court and jailed.

I felt helpless. My bank account was almost empty. I knew I couldn’t pay the tax.

I presented the problem to a powerful friend of mine. This friend had helped me out numerous times in the past, and I was confident that he could solve my tax problem.

Deadline day reached, and I was still broke. I began to worry. My friend rarely failed me. Why hadn’t he bailed me out yet?

Depressed, I decided to go to the local government council and ask for more time. I got to the council and found the doors of the tax department locked.

A security guard approached me. I explained my mission to him.

“The tax department was disbanded yesterday,” he said.

I was stunned. “They don’t collect taxes anymore?”

“No,” he said. “It’s a routine reshuffle of staff. The department should reopen next week.”

Next week stretched to next month. By the time the new guys settled into their jobs, I had the money to pay all my taxes.

The Secret Helper

Paying tax was one of several difficult problems I’ve faced in the last ten years. I would ask my powerful friend for help, and the problem would be solved.

My friend not only solves my money problems, but

  • keeps me healthy
  • protects me from negative people
  • helps me recover or replace lost property
  • treats me like a king
  • and provides the inspiration I need to pursue my goals

The best part of our relationship is that my friend asks for nothing in return for helping me.

He goes with me everywhere I go, doesn’t complain about my constant requests for help, and can handle virtually any kind of problem I face.

Who is this powerful friend of mine?

Well, he has a lot of names.

Ancient Egyptians called him ka, the Romans named him genius and the ancient Greeks referred to him as daemon.

Pentecostal Christians call him ‘the Christ within’, traditional Yorubas of southwest Nigeria know him as ori, and traditional Igbos call him chi.

nsibidi symbol for chi

The symbol for chi in the ancient Igbo script, Nsibidi

Let’s stick with the Igbo name, chi.

Your chi is a very small, invisible part of Chukwu—the creator of the universe—that works for your success. It is your divine self and guardian spirit.

Every human has a chi, whether the person realizes it or not.

Your chi helps you achieve your akaraaka – mission, fate, purpose or destiny on Earth–and can assist you in solving daily problems like settling debt, paying bills, and healing broken relationships.

Your chi is genderless, but you may think of it as male or female.

How to Activate Your Chi

There is no aspect of your life that your chi cannot provide assistance. However, you have to activate it before it can help you.

First, you give it a location.

A traditional Igbo person usually locates his chi inside a statuette. I wouldn’t recommend that.

A statuette doesn’t give you the flexibility you need in the modern world.

A better strategy is to make your chi a part of you. Locate it inside you.

Imagine that you have a tiny bright star shining in your heart. That star is your chi.

chi as as star in the heart

Visualize your chi as a star shining in your heart

The next step is to name your chi.

Because it is a piece of the creator of the universe, your chi is connected to everything and every name. So you’re free to choose any name you want.

I would recommend using names that are intimate to you, like your middle name, or names that radiate power, like Jesus, Superman, Wonder Woman, or Rambo.

The most effective names have both power and intimacy. If you have an illustrious ancestor who performed great deeds in the past, you can name your chi after that ancestor.

You may change your chi’s name any time you wish.

The first name I gave my chi was John, my middle name. Later, I started using the name, Jupiter. Presently, I call my chi Ikenga, after a warrior-king in Igbo mythology.

Okay, you’ve located your chi and given it a name. What’s next?

You need a personal shrine.

A personal shrine is a place where you communicate regularly with your chi. It could be your room, bathroom, living room, car or a quiet section of your local library.

Don’t spend too much time picking a shrine. Any comfortable place where you’ll be free from interruptions will do. I use my bedroom as my personal shrine and it works great for me.

Challenging Your Chi

So, you’ve located your chi, given it a name, and picked a place that will serve as your personal shrine. The last step is to challenge your chi to prove its existence to you.

What’s the biggest financial problem you have right now? Is it earning an income?

Settling your utility bill? Paying rent?

Go to your personal shrine. Close your eyes and imagine that your chi is shining brightly as a star in your heart.

Talk to your chi like a friend, ask it to solve your biggest financial problem and give it a deadline—any time from twenty-four hours to one week—to solve the problem.

a person challenging his chi

Challenge your chi

Your conversation with your chi may go like this:

“Hello, I just learned about you and I want to know if you really exist and if you can help me solve my problems. I’ll call you Jane.

Jane, my rent is due in a week’s time and I can’t afford it. Help me pay my rent.
Thanks for listening, Jane.”

Don’t tell your chi how to solve a problem. It knows the right solution, and nine times out of ten, the right solution isn’t the one you’re thinking about.

When I had the tax problem with the local government, I thought the solution would be a loan from a friend or relative. But my chi solved the problem by giving me more time to pay the tax.

Present your problem to your chi and let it do its thing.

So, you’ve made contact with your chi and challenged it to help you solve a problem.

What’s next?

Either the problem gets solved within the deadline, or it doesn’t get solved. Accept my sincere apologies if your problem wasn’t solved. Please look for an alternative spiritual system. Odinala is all about results and if you don’t get results, there’s no point in practising it.

But if the problem was solved within the deadline….congratulations!

You’re ready for more adventures and problem-solving with your chi.

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