Communion: The Foundation of Your Spiritual Power

Communion is a combination of Odinala rituals and takes ten minutes or less to complete.

  1. Go to your personal shrine. Tell your chi your plans for the day and thank it for any goal it helped you accomplish.

Example: “Good morning, John. Thanks for helping me pay the rent yesterday. My plans for today are to have a meeting with an important customer and to redecorate my shop.

Help me have a fruitful meeting with the customer and give me the right ideas to redecorate the shop. Thanks.”

  1. You perform the Itu Oba Anwu ritual, drawing spiritual energy from the sun.

anyanwu ritual in odinala

Get spiritual energy from the sun

  1. You reinforce your protective light, imagining your entire body surrounded by bright light, which shields you from negative people and circumstances.


  1. Imagine yourself accomplishing your plans for the day. Feel the happiness and satisfaction that comes with successfully completing your tasks.

emotion in odinala

Feel happy

Using the example in the first step of the ritual, the shopkeeper visualizes having a successful meeting with the customer.

She sees herself shaking hands with the customer and smiling as she leaves the meeting.

She then visualizes being happy and satisfied with her redecorated shop.

  1. That’s it. You’re done.

Use ten minutes each morning to commune with your chi.

Commune with your chi every morning.

In good weather and stormy weather, bad mood and great mood.

Your chi is like a sword and communion is the grindstone that sharpens it.

If you truly desire to become a master of reality and experience miracles frequently in your life, then you have to perform communion each day.


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