What is chi?

Chi is the Igbo name for an individual’s divine self and guardian spirit. It is a very small portion of Chukwu, the creator of the universe. Every human has a chi.

What can my chi do for me?

A lot. Your chi maintains your spiritual life and trusts you to take care of events in the physical world. But if you ask it to help you, your chi may assist in solving your worldly problems. The key areas your chi can assist you are health, financial wellbeing, social life, emotional and spiritual development.

How do I activate my chi?

Imagine your chi as a bright star shining in your heart. Give it a powerful name and then challenge it to prove its existence to you.

Why do I need to activate my chi, why can’t it just help me?

Unless you give it a direct invitation to assist you, your chi won’t intervene in your life. However, there are instances when your chi intervenes without an invitation from you: When you’re in danger of losing your life, your chi may assist you without waiting for an invitation. When you lose sight of your akaraaka—your mission, destiny and purpose in life, your chi may also intervene.

How often should I contact my chi?

As often as you want. You should speak to your chi at least once a day.

What is a ritual?

A ritual is any habitual action that moves you towards an objective. Brushing your teeth daily is a ritual and the objective is clean teeth. Going to work every day is a ritual and the objective is to earn money. On this blog, the term ‘ritual’ means any action that brings you in contact with your chi.

What is Odinala?

Odinala is the traditional religion of the Igbo people in southeast Nigeria. The name literally means ‘it is in the land’. There are different versions of Odinala across Igboland and alternative names for it, such as Odinani and Odilali. You’re free to develop your own version of Odinala based on your personality and unique relationship with your chi. On this blog, Odinala refers to the collection of ideas, beliefs and rituals that connect a person to her chi.

Do I need to convert to Odinala before I can work with my chi?

No. Your chi will assist you regardless of your religion, race, ethnicity, gender, occupation, social status, sexual orientation, or geographical location.

Are there downsides to working with my chi to achieve my goals?

Yes. Working with your divine self to influence reality is a lonely journey. You have to be patient, committed and eager to experiment with your chi.

I’m skeptical. Does Odinala really work?

Activate your chi, challenge it and observe the results. Then decide for yourself whether Odinala works or not.